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Festival of Muslim Cultures and Ideas

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Dates: 27 – 29 April 2018


Knowledge Centre at The British Library,
96 Euston Rd, Kings Cross,
London NW1 2DB

About MFest:

MFest is the UK's first literature festival dedicated to Muslim cultures and ideas, scheduled to debut at the British Library from 27 to 29 April 2018. It will be a place to engage with Muslim writers and artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines including literature, music, film, theatre and dance.

Our Vision:

Our vision is an annual festival of books and ideas staged in an accessible and non-denominational venue in London, celebrating the rich diversity of Muslim life in Britain and abroad. Central to this festival will be contemporary literature with an international angle, exploring arts, science, history, food, sport, comedy and music, as well as topical discussions around identity, race and global politics. Challenging conversations will be encouraged, exploring the diversity of Muslim opinions on any given issue, but framed in unclenched ways. The ethnic diversity of Muslim communities will also be emphasised through events that highlight African, Arab, Central Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Turkish and Western Islamic traditions, cultures and communities.

The aim is open, honest debate alongside education and entertainment. The festival will not seek to create a single-faith space that appeals to one group of Muslims, or exclusively to Muslims. Rather, it will aim to highlight the plurality and diversity of Muslim traditions and expressions and bring different intellectual strands of Muslim history and their responses to contemporary issues to the forefront.

Our Mission:

To offer a plurality of Muslim voices that can contribute towards building a positive and more informed public discourse.

To work alongside publishers to identify and promote new writers, especially (but not exclusively) from the Muslim world, as well as non-Muslims writing about issues that affect Muslim communities and societies.

To critically engage the segments of Muslim communities that feel marginalised and alienated from the mainstream.

To promote reading and writing among younger generations through a schools programme.


Elif Shafak Author
Fiona McMorrough Founder and CEO of FMCM Associates
Boyd Tonkin Author
Sameer Rahim Managing Editor of Prospect Magazine.
Lucy Silver Co-chair and director of Jewish Book Week
Sarah Shaffi Online Editor and Producer at The Bookseller
Dr Nur Sobers-Khan Lead Curator for South Asia & Urdu collections at The British Library
Ayisha Malik Author
James Runcie Writer, director and literary curator
Tom Ryan Programming Director at Henley Literary Festival
Ziauddin Sardar Writer and cultural critic
Eleanor O’Keeffe Co-founder of the Palestine Festival of Literature.
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Journalist and author
Lynn Gaspard Managing Director and Publisher of Saqi Books
Ayan Mahamoud Managing Director of Kayd Somali Art and Youth Entertainment.