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What is halal? Does Islam have a particular flavour? Is culture transferred through gastronomy? Join the team behind Critical Muslim as they resist intoxication by wine and soberly sample the culinary delights of the Muslim world―then and now. By exploring the more obscure delicacies of international cuisine, they confront the underbelly of gluttony and ask why the Muslim world is so indulgently carnivorous. We go back to nature on an organic farm and consider whether going organic will save the world and promote the true spirit of Islam. Panellists include Samia Rahman, Misha Monaghan, Vicky Bishop and Shanon Shah.

Shanon Shah
Shanon is the author of The Making of a Gay Muslim: Religion, Sexuality and Identity in Malaysia and Britain. Now based in London and deputy editor of the acclaimed quarterly Critical Muslim, he was a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, playwright, and journalist in his native Malaysia.

Misha Monaghan
Misha works for the Muslim Institute and runs her own vlog on Youtube called Made with Misha.

Vicky Bishop
Vicky is a UK-based chef from Melbourne, Australia.

Samia Rahman
Samia is Director of the Muslim Institute and Deputy Editor of Critical Muslim