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Join twenty-somethings Rai, AlexReads, and Derek Owusu as they discuss the intersection between literature and pop-culture as they create a live version of their podcast Mostly Lit.

About ​MostlyLit
Named by the Guardian and the BBC as one of the top podcasts of 2017, Mostly Lit is a books and pop-culture podcast, created and hosted by Rai, AlexReads, and Derek Owusu – and managed and executive produced by Clarissa Pabi.

Hosted by Londoners Rai, AlexReads, and Derek Owusu, the trio chronicle the millennial experience, while exploring the intersection between literature, film/tv and pop-culture – all in a fun, irreverent and insightful way. The Lit in ‘Mostly Lit’ is a double entendre, delineating Alex, Rai and Derek’s passion for books whilst also signalling that their podcast is about much more than ‘literature for literature sake’ – it is about what things are cool, current, and interesting, and how, more often than not, books are a part of that.

Mostly Lit was started in 2016 by Alex and Rai, and operates as an independently managed podcast. The podcast has received coverage in BuzzFeed and The Guardian and the team has worked with brands such as Waterstones, the BBC, HarperCollins, FutureBook and Penguin Random House. One of the key aims of Mostly Lit is to deconstruct the image of the reader as ‘bookish’ and ‘solitary’. Through their pioneering podcast and social media they promote the message that anyone and everyone can be a reader and Mostly Lit strives to create a more inclusive and diverse publishing and media landscape that also reflects that message.

In 2018 they launched a year-long partnership with Waterstones and were selected as judges for The British Book Awards for the Books Of The Year Awards

Visit www.mostly-lit.com for more information.