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Muslims are found on almost every island of the 40+ islands that make up the Caribbean. What is their Islamic heritage and what does life look like for them today? How has Islam developed as a culture, a practice and a theology among Caribbean Muslims and what might their future look like in today’s global village? Jamaican rapper, hip-hop artist and academic Muneera Williams discusses Islam in the Caribbean with Hassan Mahamdallie.

Muneera Williams
Muneera is a Bristol Born, London based, Cultural Producer and one half of the Muslim female hip-hop and spoken word duo Poetic Pilgrimage. She has an MA in Islamic studies where she focused on the Caribbean contribution to Islam in the UK, migration, gender and race. As a writer she has contributed articles to Huffington Post, The Independent, Al Jazeera blog and other online publications. Muneera also freelances as Community Engagement Consultant and an Education Consultant for various organisations and initiatives.

Hassan Mahamdallie
Hassan trained in theatre and is a playwright. He has been a campaigning journalist and writes on race and black history. Hassan was a senior strategy officer at Arts Council England, authoring its unique ‘creative case’ approach to diversity and was previously director of the Muslim Institute.

Sakinah Lenoir
Sakinah is a community activist and performer of African Caribbean heritage. She has been performing with her group Pearls of Islam for over a decade providing traditional nasheeds and acoustic rhythms to audiences in the UK and around the world. One of the first all female Muslim performers to establish themselves in the UK, Sakinah was able to be at the forefront of the Muslim Creative Scene in the UK contributing not only through performances but also through giving back to the community through two of her co-founded organisations;The Rabbani Project and Tumaadir drumming School. More recently her creative work and passion has led her to delve into the media world as she produced and presented a variety of art and lifestyle related shows for the SKY channel British Muslim TV, the podcast Ummah Sonic and co-producer of the viral video series of Black and Muslim in Britain.