MFest Sponsors 2018

This year’s festival is sponsored by the Aziz Foundation and Google DeepMind.

We offer attractive sponsorship opportunities for companies of all sizes for specific events or for the festival itself. Benefits include tickets to selected events, hospitality, branding, and exclusive access to bespoke events.  For further details please contact Tufyal Choudhary, MFest Director at

The Aziz Foundation is an independent grant-making body seeking to support the most disadvantaged communities in Britain. It aims to do this through supporting community empowerment, leadership development and greater public engagement by them in wider society. The Foundation seeks to support individuals and projects, strengthen organisations and networks, and help incubate innovative ideas that will ultimately improve the conditions in and for these sections of our society.

DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact. DeepMind was founded in London in 2010 and backed by some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in the world. Having been acquired by Google in 2014, they are now part of the Alphabet group. DeepMind is based in London, with additional research centres in Edmonton and Montreal, Canada, and a DeepMind Applied team in Mountain View, California.